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Handbook for Applying the International Migrants Bill of Rights

The purpose of this Handbook is to help migrants, advocates, governments, and academics protect and promote the universal rights and norms that apply to all migrants, regardless of their migration status or reason for migration, as outlined in the International Migrants Bill of Rights (IMBR). While the rights in the IMBR are enshrined in international human rights law, regional human rights treaties, and in the national law of vari­ ous countries, violations of these human rights remain rampant. The IMBR Handbook communicates the content of the IMBR in non-technical language and promotes universal protections of the rights of migrants.


The Migrant Rights Initiative conducts cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research on the human rights of migrants and then fosters opportunities for innovative action that reshapes the way governments treat people who cross international borders. Our Migrant Rights Database (MRD) evaluates how countries protect and implement 17 categories of rights according to 65 standardized indicators, based on the Initiative’s International Migrants Bill of Rights (IMBR).

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